PAERIP Survey: European perspective on the access of European researchers to African Research Infrastructures

Friday, 4 May 2012

The PAERIP survey, which looks at how to improve collaboration between European and African researchers, conducted in early May, explores the experiences of European researchers in their participation in African research infrastructures. One of the main goals of the survey is to identify major factors hindering research collaboration between both continents, and to find solutions on ways to improve and increase European participation in African research projects. The survey will also assess the socio-economic impact of the existing collaboration.


The focus of the study is on the European research community. Target groups include universities, scientific organizations, private companies and European research infrastructures. 


The final outcome of this assessment, including recommendations on how to improve European access to African research infrastructures, will be presented to the European Commission, industry and general public at the PAERIP seminar in Brussels on 16th of May 2012.


PAERIP respects the privacy of the survey participants and will use the provided personal data exclusively in order to contact participants for clarifications on this survey. PAERIP will not share participants' personal data unless requested by law enforcement.

The online survey questionnaire is available here.